A global investment company focused on high tech metals, engineering and financial services in the mining industry

September-November 2019

Argenthal, the special situations investment company focused on real assets establishes Alkemia SCA as a €1.6bn evergreen investment vehicle with a consortium of international financial investors and industrial groups 

April 27th 2020

Alkemia Capital Canada Limited

Argenthal opens a dedicated holding company to further the business of Alkemia in the world's foremost metals and mining capital market in Canada with a view to opportunistically acquire operating metals and mining companies

May 2020

Alkemia Capital Canada Limited, a global investment company focused on high tech metals and value-added services to the engineering and mining industries will consider control-oriented investments in the space in Canada with an emphasis on TSX-listed small-caps and operating businesses looking to bring their production to markets

Corporate News


13  /  11   /   2019

Alkemia SCA completes €1bn+ capital increase and takes control of a portfolio of high purity finished nickel industrial assets


27   /   04   /   2020

Alkemia Canada launches with the ambition to drive consolidation in the high tech metals segment, with an emphasis on the nickel industry 


01   /   06   /   2020

Alkemia Capital Canada Limited will consider participating in a variety of corporate financing transactions with public or private Canadian companies looking to accelerate acquisitive growth or strengthen balance sheet.