Alkemia Capital Canada Ltd 

Alkemia SCA 


Alkemia is an global investment company focused on the high tech metals & mining value chain with an emphasis on the nickel, electromagnetic elements, and the downstream engineering valorisation of real assets through the application of chemistry, refining, alloy technologies, recycling and innovation. 


Founder & Director

Joseph Meehan

Joseph leads our corporate development and strategy in the Canadian market. Joseph is the General Counsel of Argenthal Group. 

Founder & Director

Francois Garcin

François leads our strategy and investment activities globally. François is the CEO of Argenthal Group

Board of Advisors

Patrick Teroerde

Patrick contributes to the underwriting and investment activities of Alkemia. Patrick is the CIO of Argenthal Group.

External Financial Advisor

Hanover Square Capital

Arvi Sood leads our financial due diligence of new investment and financing deals. Arvi is the CEO of Hanover Square Capital in the UK.